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VidPro v1.0.0 WordPress Theme


Aplikasi PendidikanAre you a niche video web player, or a youtuber who wants to display videos on your website and get earnings from your website. As your inspiration, for example, tv narration, tv seconds, tv compass, and other video blogs. Okay, this time I created a wordpress theme for a video blog that is quite powerful with a cool design, I call this theme vidpro. In addition, by purchasing this theme, you will get a free plugin, ktz yt importer that makes it easy for you to post a post from youtube with just a search. 

This theme has many menus and ad spots, besides that there are also unlimited embed places so you can enter as many embed codes as you want, if you provide a download link for your video, then this theme also provides an unlimited download link feature that you can set on post settings. Regarding SEO, you don't need to ask anymore, the theme that I created, God willing, can be relied on for on-page SEO. For more details, let's move on to the features of the vidpro theme.


  • Load cepat, tanpa jquery & font icon.
  • Terdapat Fitur Dark Mode.
  • Banyak Tempat Iklan
  • Tersedia 5 menu navigasi.
  • Support 2 Tempat Posting Terkait
  • Button Infinite scroll dan sticky sidebar.
  • Unlimited embed server
  • Unlimited download link
  • Infinite Scroll Support
  • Plugin autopost video
  • Support plugin AMP Official
  • One Click Update dan Import
  • Dan masih banyak lagi….