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Saudagar WP – WordPress Online Store Theme v2.18.0


Aplikasi Pendidikan-Merchant WP is an online store template for WordPress and WooCommerce, a template specifically designed to help you have an online store quickly, economically, and easily.
Whatever your product, ranging from fashion, food, beverages, books, digital products to services. WP merchants are a great choice to start bringing in orders.
Make your online store design unique and different from others. Change the background, color, layout according to your brand needs. Without the need to understand coding and understand design.
The installation process is quite easy, there is a Theme Setup feature that will guide you to install the website like a demo view. Upload a theme, input licenses, install plugins, select the base template you want to use.
Complete tutorials and technical support team ready to help you if you encounter problems.
So, this WP Merchant is perfect for those of you who are just starting to create a website with WordPress.
Start selling online today with the Merchant WP online store template!
Easy Installation Process
The Theme Setup feature of Merchant WP, helps you step by step to install online store templates. By using this feature, you will get the same look, content and features as the demo website.
Set Website Design According to Your Brand
Have a unique website appearance, change the background, colors, fonts, buttons, and layouts according to your brand needs
Large Selection of Ready-to-Use Online Store Template Designs
Choose a design that matches the character of the product. The Merchant WP online store template provides a selection of ready-made templates according to your business.
Latest Sales Pop Up
Show recent orders and increase conversions by showing products recently purchased by other customers. This updated order information increases trust and you can use it as social proof.
Countdown Timer Promo
Give limited-time discounts and display the countdown time. Build a sense of urgency to encourage customers to make a purchase immediately.
OMO (Fear of Missing Out) feature on product pages
Displays many viewed and sold products on the product page. This feature can increase trust and speed up the buying process.
Additional Product Information
Put important information on the product page. Information may contain the order process, warranty etc. Help customers understand the buying process and how your website works.
Sticky Add To Cart
Displays the add to cart button floating when the website page is scrolled down. This feature makes it easier to make a purchase when visitors are on a product page with a long description.
Simple Checkout Page
A compact and clean checkout page will keep customers focused on completing orders without having to be distracted by other components they don’t need.
WhatsApp Chat Module
The local market is indeed quite unique, many customers want to ask first before making a purchase.
WP merchants connect your Store with WhatsApp Chat, with this feature customers can easily contact admins and make purchases using WhatsApp.


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