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PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

With this encoder script you can make your PHP source code unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. This is very useful when you give a script to someone but you don’t want them to view your php source code.

  • Secure your PHP scripts
  • Limit your PHP Code to run only on defined domains
  • Add an expiration date to your source
  • Easy to use encoding interface
  • Very well documented
  • and much more…

This script is a PHP source-code encoder and obfuscator. It provides anti-theft protection for your scripts and functions by allowing you to encode, obfuscate, compress, scramble, set an expiration date, domain lock and encrypt your php source code. This online tool use also PHP to protect your code from reverse engineering and modification.

Main Features

  • Dynamic PHP Script Protection Encrypt your PHP Source code so no software pirate will understand 
  • Var- and Functionname Obfuscation Replacing Variable and Function-Names making the code hard to understand and modify
  • Current Domain Locking The Code will not work on another domain
  • Random PHP Source Generation So thief will have a hard time trying to Deobfuscate the Result
  • Expiration Date Setup Apply Time Limit to the Code Functionality
  • Minify for Size Optimization Removing White-Spaces, Line Feeds, Carriage Returns, Tabs and Comments to Minify Code
  • Source Code Repository Easier Access to Files and to hide the Real Path of the PHP Files, so Nobody will know where they are located (Security Reasons)