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Real Thumbnail Generator 2.6.26


(Re)generate single or multiple image sizes for your WordPress website and create a SEO-optimised custom structure for uploading thumbnails.

In the course of optimising a WordPress website, it can often be necessary to change the theme – especially if the website is still being created. Unfortunately, a theme change can alter the image sizes and lead to despair. This is where Real Thumbnail Generator comes into play: The WordPress plugin is responsible for regenerating the image sizes. With a few clicks, the problem is solved! This way, themes can be changed as often as desired without negatively affecting the media management.


  • Mass regeneration of thumbnails in the media library
  • Regenerating individual images in the media library
  • Works great with PDF files (note requirements)
  • Skip already existing thumbnails *
  • Detection and deletion of unused image sizes *
  • Reliable and fast regeneration of thumbnails (without aborts as known from other plugins)
  • Compatible with all major themes and many plugins
  • Custom upload structure for thumbnail paths and file names *
  • Supports WordPress Multisite
  • One-time payment with lifetime updates
  • Fast support from Germany
  • DSGVO/GPDR: The plugin does not collect any personal data without your consent!