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Website 2 APK Builder v5.0 Fixed


Website 2 APK

Site 2 APK Builder Pro - Web2Apk is considered to be having the ability in order to publish the user site or even the HTML5 website into the program of Android for the users and Developers.  Publishing the site to the Android program apk requires no advertisement at all.

Site 2 APK Builder-  It has the ability to alter the website of the user to the Android program and connect to HTML, JS, CSS, or even the internal URL into the program of Android. Site 2 APK Builder is very simple to be used and has the ability to simply create a step-by-step customization to the program of the user and also to construct though the user has the ability to complete it.

Auto updating process- The program is capable of keeping itself constant synchronized with the help of the newest contents from the site. It should be noted that all the changes are capable of reflecting reside.

Your own branding- It does not place any branding on the people and all the programs that the user produces will entirely below today user it said along with the white branded as well as private branding.

Monetize with the admob- The user has the capability to utilize the banner or even the interstitial AdMob advertisement and start earning through the program immediately.

Pull to refresh- Swiping or even pulling in order to refresh gesture inside the program of the user and also to making it in such a way that it seems much more native.

Navigation of the drawer- It permits the user in order to simply enter the hyperlink as well as the name in the windows and the Nav drawer is basically prepared for the program of the user.


  • 14 materials colors-  The colors are capable of claiming a very good deal, and it has the ability to set a built-in for the 14 distinct styles in order to create the user pick.
  • Push notification-  It is all about sending the push notification to assist the increase in the current market of the user, and it retains the customer of the user that are engaged with the newest contents that are available.
  • No annoying ads-  Unlike other suppliers, it does not place the advertisements that are annoying in nature in the program that the user creates, the user has the ability to configure exactly what to include.
  • Simple to use - There is a strong set of tools that permit the user and developer in order to personalize everything and to create stunning apps from the user site.
  • Native JavaScript APIS - The particular JavaScript functions permit the user in order to interact with the native Android functions, with the help of the internet application of the user.
  • Google Play compatible - The newest API level 29 is able to follow the Google Play Developer recommendation in order to print them on the Go.
  • Can work offline - The user is capable of creating and offline working program along with the HTML document and hence, there is no online connectivity required.


Nah itulah informasi mengenai source code yang kami share. tentunya source code atau aplikasi ini jauh dari kata sempurna masuh banyak kekurangan-kekurangan ataupun bug, selebihnya bisa anda perbaiki sendiri jika ada trouble dalam aplikasi ini. Selanjutnya apabila link yang kami berikan mati, atau salah dalam file / tidak sesuai dengan judul postingan, atau password file salah, silahkan tuliskan pada kolom komentar tentang keluhannya supaya kami dapat cepat memperbaikinya